I haven’t been on in some time..

And I think I’m gonna let this blog go just because I haven’t gained any new followers in the last 2 months and It just seems like the hype of mama blogs has died down and alot of other mom blogs have already done the same thing as me and just stopped getting on altogether or just deleted their blog. Another reason I’m just not that interested in keeping it up is because my mind and time are focused else where and I find more interest in do other things. This blog was never a memento for Jaylen but more for me to share my story and find others in my situation. So I won’t delete it just because I have an issue with getting rid of hard work lol and I have a few things on here that I did write (type) down that I want to keep and come back to save but I’m to lazy to do it right now. So yeah that’s it!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day :)

This little boy is 11 months old today! Where has the time gone??

oh what ya got there Jaylen??

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this is how i play!

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Craft store!

I just got everything need for Jaylens birthday party at the craft store today :)

So my mom..

Frickin left this water boiler on the edge of the counter in her fit of rage with me over some more bs. And the cord was hanging over close enough of Jaylen to reach it and what does Jaylen do?? He pulls it on him self while my mom is standing right next to him. And she’s like oh I didn’t see him standing there, saw him or not had you never put that up there with the cord hanging over knowing he’s walking around baffles me. Like no one around here takes his safety into consideration but me, I see the hazard in everything and I fix it before it becomes one but as soon as I do I’m selfish and only care about my self and I’m making big deals out of nothing. Just fucking ridiculous so now Jaylen has a huge cut on his head from my moms irresponsiblity.

Letters yo!

Omg I just saw the dumbest shit..

In target, this lady is put her new born in the cart seat on the cart and she’s over here trying to lean him up cause he keeps falling over. Like wtf you brought him here in the car with a car seat so why not just bring your in child in the store in the car seat instead of trying to make your new born sit in a seat that’s meant for your toddler?!?

Spending the day with my sister!

She’s leaving on monday and I won’t see her until Jays birthday so were going to the movies and then ice skating :)

love love love this quote!

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Position baby is in right before birth.

This is so beautiful!

this is stunning.

So awesome.

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Playing with my moms old pull-a-tune